Upravljaj Smještajem i Rezervacijama

Who we are

So, you’ve read everything and scoured every page on our portal. You like it. You think MyRent is a real gem. But something’s bothering you. Seems to good to be true? Of course it seems, and maybe it is. Maintaining such an online business program requires a group of dedicated individuals whose focus is set specifically on keeping your life simple. But worry not, that’s what we’re here for!

We are a channel and property management system that has emerged as a need for better and easier renting. It has been developed based on work experience in the tourist sector and tailored for the owners of apartments, rooms, and hotels.

What do we do

The goal of MyRent is to completely simplify the entire renting process and to automate everything, from synchronization of calendars and updating listing information to the check-in process and conversation with the guests. We are offering you a single platform for your entire renting business and provide you with accurate and necessary information in real time.



How it started

MyRent came about as an idea by Neven Palčec (founder and current CEO), who at the time was also a renter himself, and was getting tired of having to manually update everything himself, and he didn’t really find any alternatives that would satisfy his needs. So, Neven got to coding, building a platform that would work for him, and make his life easier. Soon enough, myRent was born.

Over these few short years, we’ve built fruitful and successful partnerships with many booking channels and agencies, who are still with us today.

Where we are now

Over the past three years, we kept growing at a relatively constant pace, experiencing oftentimes booms in the number of clients approaching us, with the last one being within the past three months, when myRent nearly doubled the number of properties managed through our Channel Manager software.

Nowadays, myRent holds a leading position in the Croatian market, being the only Channel Manager and Property Management System to offer complete integration, connections to more than 150 booking channels (both domestic and worldwide), lighting-fast updates through all channels, a personalized application, Self-In® smart locks system directly connected to the myRent application, and the optional 24/7 PREMIUM customer support.

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to your rental business, myRent’s got your back!